Services and Solutions

In today’s vigorous business environment, enterprises are seeking for innovative and robust enterprise solutions in the hope of improving their competitive business advantages.As a professional IT outsourcing service and enterprise solution provider, we deeply understand this urgent need.

That’s why we are constantly developing innovative yet cost-effective enterprise solutions and services to assist enterprises in meeting their business objectives.

Professional IT Management Service

Information Technology (IT) Management Outsourcing is a trend that is rapidly gaining momentum throughout the business world. In an environment that stresses a focus on core competencies and cost effectiveness, many large enterprises are already outsourcing their non-core functions strategically, especially their Information Technology bodies.In view of this, we developed our AESI Professional IT Management Outsourcing Service to assist SMEs in Hong Kong to succeed in the complex environment. This robust service is a comprehensive solution that resembles the functionality provided by a fully functional IT department of a large enterprise. With only a very small fraction of cost compared to employing your own IT people, you can enjoy the professional IT management services once only reserved to multi-national large corporation. Even with your own IT people, you may not be able to reach the advanced solutions that our technical team possesses.

AESI utilizes the latest Internet technologies, together with a comprehensive supporting plan, to give our outsourcing clients the same, if not better, IT management service as an in-house full-scale IT team. Whether it is real-time technical support, basic system maintenance, sudden disaster handling, equipment acquisition / upgrade, business software development, e-commerce solution, or professional consulting, and etc, AESI IT Management Outsourcing Service is one-stop solution for you. From now on, SMEs can stay away from all IT troubles, and focus on profit generating activities.

The comprehensive service includes the following key features, and we’ll customize the service package to meet each customer’s unique business requirement:

  • Unlimited Help Desk Support
  • On-site Service Support
  • System Maintenance and Network Administration
  • Disaster Handling/Recovery and Contingency Planning
  • Strategic Sourcing of IT Equipment
  • Professional IT Consulting and Strategic Planning